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Freight Services

The most efficient, quickest and reliable

freight service you have

been searching all this time.


Intra-Ontario Services

With special handling, experienced professionals and wide networks, we ensure perfection in shipping your goods within Ontario.


Security & Insurance Service

Ship your goods with peace of mind because MCS assures utmost security along with proper insurance for the satisfaction of our clients.


Small Business Centre

We are a business centre with cutting edge technology and skilled professionals delivering logistics services in the finest way to fulfil the needs of our clients.


Fast Freight Service

When you need to transfer an item to a specific location within a short duration of time then our fast freight service can make that happen for you.


Courier Service

With a suite of courier services, we always ensure that your shipment reaches its destination at the right time for your needs and benefits.


Shipping Guide

We have a professional shipping guide who will explain you every detail regarding the documentations and process of goods delivery from the beginning to the end.


Shipping Tools

Our advanced shipping equipment, tools and systems are very much equipped to ensure efficient delivery of your items without any hindrance.

Your Courier Service

For more information about logistics, call us at our 24/7 customer service.